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    Sims Sunday: Halfway Point

    This morning as I was sorting out the screenshots to write this post, I realized that Lorne is the 12th generation of Alphabettis. That means we’re halfway through the alphabet legacy challenge I took up last December. Crazy, right?

    Speaking of little Lorne, Klango is acting as stay-at-home dad.

    sims sunday

    For some reason – maybe because I recently confessed that I never bother to have my Sims get the mail – I didn’t get a pop-up about the bills being due. The repo man came and took away the sofa with his magic repo raygun.

    sims sunday

    Klango had a wish to see a ghost, so I sent him out to the graveyard. Being a Hopeless Romantic, he started flirting with one of the ghosts.

    sims sunday

    I got my hopes up, and started daydreaming about having a ghost wedding and eventually a ghost baby. I mean, hey, Julie is an Elder now, so she can’t produce any more babies, so it’s only fair, right?

    Alas it wasn’t to be. Neither this ghost (Mary Lu Broke) or any of the other female ghosts showed any interest in his come-on lines.

    sims sunday

    The next day he started flirting with the babysitter. Naughty! But she wasn’t interested, either. Maybe he’d have better luck if he had some – any – Charisma.

    While all this was happening, Lorne grew up into a child. The game assigned him the trait “Insane.” Which let’s just say is not the most culturally-sensitive trait available in the game.

    “Insane” means that he talks to himself a lot.

    sims sunday

    And occasionally changes into clothing which is inappropriate for the situation at hand, like swimming trunks for a walk in the park.

    sims sunday

    Speaking of walks in the park, how much do you love the blinking 12 on the stadium sign?

    sims sunday

    Back at home, Julie used a screwdriver to repair a broken computer that was sparking and emitting smoke.

    sims sunday

    Amazingly enough, she wasn’t electrocuted. (Dammit.)

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