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    This week has absolutely flown by. I seriously cannot believe it is Saturday morning already. I guess that’s a good thing?

    I have had to knock off the knitting for a while, because my hands have been hurting. (By the way, whenever I watch a futuristic computer interface like Tom Cruise’s little hand dance in Minority Report all I can ever think is, “Holy crap, think how much BOTH OF YOUR ENTIRE ARMS would hurt after a day at that computer!”)

    Rambling Rows is stalled out at block #14:

    rambling rows

    This morning was the first time I’ve ever gone out to get firewood and thought, “Aww!”

    rambling rows

    That’s the neighbor kitteh. They like my porch, because it’s (mostly) a dog-free zone. I guess.

    I have dutifully saved the plastic bags from my last foray into the bulk food bin, along with the twistie ties. I plan to re-use the bags until they fall apart. I figure I can get four uses out of the twistie ties before the checkout clerks start to wonder about my sanity.

    Zero Waste [challenge] Month starts tomorrow – as does Super International Pajama Day! And please join me in congratulating Celia on not setting her house on fire.

    Several months ago, I set up a Twitter interface for my blog, so that I could update the blog from my cell phone even when I was away from the computer. Or – as more often happened – when I was sitting beside the computer, but the power was out.

    To my unending surprise, people kept subscribing to my Twitter feed, no matter how hard I thought, “But I only use it for updating the blog! If you read the blog, there is no need to subscribe to my Twitter feed!” Every day brought a new Twitter subscription notice, most of them from people I didn’t recognize.

    Yesterday I gave into the inevitable. I deactivated the Twitter Tools plug-in, and put my Twitter feed on the sidebar. If you only read through RSS, you’re now missing out on dozens, literally dozens of scintillating mini updates throughout the day. You can also follow me through Twitter.

    I haven’t decided whether to set up cell phone -> email -> blog, or to just use Twitter for those “AFK/no sparky” updates.

    And now I’m off to write up the Sims Sunday post. It’s a long update, since I missed last Sunday’s, due to helping rescued puppy mill dogs. I want to write it now, because my SIPJD goal is to leave the computer OFF all day. (Can you imagine?!)

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