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Announcing Zero Waste MONTH

After reading about Zero Waste Week, Kmkat had the nutty idea to declare February Zero Waste Month. I was smitten with the idea, myself! I have put together a basic info page (with blog buttons and everything) here.


P.S. I did feel the earthquake this morning. It woke me up, which frightened me, because usually something has to be REALLY BIG to wake me up. When I realized it wasn’t that bad, I felt somehow cheated. The shaking wasn’t very severe, but it seemed to go on a long time.

Kimble jumped off the bed onto the end table, presumably thinking that I was the one shaking the bed. He squatted on the end table looking irritated until it was over. Then when he realized I was awake, he demanded breakfast.

3 comments to Announcing Zero Waste MONTH

  • Isn’t it annoying to feel an earthquake and then have it be so puny? lol

    Feb is zero waste month? As I go into tax season, I’m thinking there is no way on earth it’s going to be zero waste around me. I’ll probably be personally responsible for the death of a thousand trees, which makes me sad.

  • Katharine

    Well I will certainly try, I think I can it get down by at least 10%. However I am not recycling vacuum cleaner bags…I have 8 cats and I use those bags until they are full! I would also caution anyone putting kitty poop down the toilet if you use a clumping litter as the poop usually gets quite…decorated with litter. Unless of course you really like your plumber.
    I have found a novel way to recycle those shiny newspaper ads (they ones won’t compost in my climate) I use them as weed barrier under a gravel drip-line around my house. So far even burmuda grass hasn’t penetrated them.

  • I didn’t feel the earthquake and I’d just gone to bed 15 minutes before. (Yes, I know what time that was.) I don’t think the cats noticed, either.

    And I still forgot to take plastic bags to the market today. On the positive side, I don’t actually throw them out, just accumulate them.

    Katharine, anything that actually prevents Bermuda grass is a miracle. Fortunately, I no longer have to deal with it.