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    Sims Sunday: Jerboa’s Big Move

    Jerboa is such a studious child. She does her homework every day after school, without any help or prompting.

    sims sunday

    If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be a Sim with the “Light Sleeper” trait, it is this: even if you’re sleeping in a completely separate building, you still wake up when the baby starts crying.

    sims sunday

    Amidst all this juggling, Isabeau found time to teach Jack how to talk.

    sims sunday

    Long after Jack had learned how to talk, I happened to sweep past that room and notice that they were still locked in those positions. And Jack was getting hungry! I had a flashback to the nasty incident when toddler Connor got stuck in the dog bed. With Sims 2, your only option was to exit the game without saving.

    Sims 3 has a new cheat code which can fix this “stuck” behavior. Just type CTRL + Shift + C to open the cheat window. Then type in resetSim Firstname Lastname and hit Enter.

    I opened the cheat window, typed in resetSim Isabeau Alphabetti and magically she was jostled free. That’s some nice code progress! Thanks, unknown Sims developer!

    Jack accidentally grew into a child before I could have a proper birthday for him. He looks as surprised as I did!

    sims sunday

    Fortunately I remembered in time to have a party for Janis. Poor Janis! The game assigned her the trait of “Inappropriate,” in addition to her existing traits Loves The Outdoors, Angler, and Insane.

    sims sunday

    I gave Janis some nice Crazy Hair.

    sims sunday

    Sims who are both Insane and Inappropriate do some seriously weird things. Like sponge bathe in the kitchen sink.

    sims sunday

    Meanwhile Jerboa grew into a Young Adult (I missed her birthday, too). I decided that the main house was getting too crowded. For one thing, if I want Jerboa to have three children, there isn’t enough room on the lot (the game has a limit of eight Sims per lot).

    sims sunday

    I had her move into a pre-designed property called The Granary, because she could afford it, and it looked really funny.

    sims sunday

    “I can’t believe there’s a bale of hay in my living room!”

    On the down side, the Granary has a very small footprint, and five floors, two of which are just landings. The very top floor has an eerie little collection of toys.

    sims sunday

    One of the many things I miss from Sims 2 is the gypsy. If you wanted a date, you just called the gypsy, and she’d set you up. In Sims 3 you have to wander around striking up conversations with strangers in the park.

    sims sunday

    This is Marco Natcher. They got along pretty well. I thought he might be The One, until Jerboa met Kory Wilson at the gym.

    sims sunday

    The instant she met him, she started queuing up Kory-related wishes. “Learn 2 more of Kory’s traits.” “Chat with Kory.” “Prepare Kory’s favorite meal.” It was pretty nauseating.

    sims sunday

    She invited him home. Things were a little awkward at first.

    sims sunday

    But they turned around quickly.

    sims sunday

    After springing out of bed, Jerboa proposed, and Kory accepted.

    sims sunday

    Then she had to run down three flights of stairs to vomit from “unknown causes.” Tee hee!

    sims sunday

    And later that afternoon, they were wed in a private ceremony.

    9 comments to Sims Sunday: Jerboa’s Big Move

    • Melsa

      Wow, I wondered what behaviours were considered “inappropriate.” I have to admit that one never crossed my mind. At the moment I’m having a lot (maybe too much) fun with my J generation Sim who is both Mean Spirited and Evil. I did have to spend 10,000 lifetime reward points to change her lifetime wish of “Gold Digger” after my husband guilted me out of killing off her rich old hubby. But it’s oddly refreshing after so many generations if nicey nice to have wishes like “have 10 enemies” and “Beat up so and so” 😀

    • minnie

      how silly is it that i’ve been looking forward to this update all week? i played simcity oh so many years ago on my supernintendo, so i have fond memories, but this looks like fun!

    • Meg McG

      I love Sims Sunday

    • Franz

      Does the game fuzz out the naughty bits, or are you doing that?

      Seems like your Sims always propose after jumping in the sack. Is it possible to do the chaste, wait-until-we’re-married thing?

    • Catu

      Janis’ hair makes me want this game even more.

      Also, have you thought of a name yet?

    • Inappropriate! That’s one of MY traits!

    • Wow, talk about your whirlwind courtships…
      I kind of like the bale of hay in the living room.

    • I found your blog yesterday via the tree sweater…

      but then I found your Sims posts. So I read them all. Backwards. You’re making me really want to buy Sims 3. I have Sims 2 and have been playing Pleasantview (I do have a few semi-interesting stories I’ve made up with it.) but now I feel a need for the third one. Too bad it’s an expensive game.

    • 8D

      ……..SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTx9001!!!!!! On the sims, I had made me and my best friend, and our kids got married yaddah yaddah, and then they had a kid, and then my simdaughter was teaching my simgranddaughter how to talk, and they got stuck in that pose…I had to delete poor little Ami…Meh, at least Isobel had twins.

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