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    Visiting rescued puppy mill ch…

    Visiting rescued puppy mill chihuahua – omg so tiny!

    6 comments to Visiting rescued puppy mill ch…

    • Will there be a new resident at Chez Erika?

    • Debi

      People should see what they support when they buy a dog, just do what they did 50 years ago, and go see the local farm with puppies.

    • Erika

      I want one sooooo baaaaad – he was so sweet – and he could literally use a cereal bowl as a dog bed – but it’s just not practical. My cabin is pretty small (400 square feet), and the cats would never forgive me.

    • I think your cats would indeed be quite displeased with you but sooo cute. I’m happy they were rescued from their horrible puppy mills – but so many! I hope they all find forever homes. Irresponsible dickweeds.

    • Judy

      Oh, dear. For clarification on the comment I left yesterday: the whole, entire lot is empty. I would not throw dog poop into someone else’s yard–there is no house next door. It’s about an acre next to us and then sweeps up the hill for about five more acres before a huge house at the top. They mow the whole thing about twice a year.I don’t know why they built an eight-foot fence the whole length of the property line–and with barbed wire at the top. Good for our pug and our chihuahua mix. We had to add wire fence at the bottom so they couldn’t slide under!

    • Cheri

      And there are no pictures…why? Baby puppies…squeek!

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