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    Chicken Update

    As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the eggs are starting to be laid on a regular basis. I get at least two a day, sometimes three. However, they are all still quite small – about half the size of a regular egg. It’s kind of annoying to have to crack five or six eggs just to make breakfast for one person, but they’re awfully cute!

    The first week of egg-laying, I started wondering if I had made a mistake. The chickens cackled loudly from 8AM until about 1PM every day. Chicken keepers call this “the egg song,” which I assure you is entirely tongue in cheek.

    I never managed to catch them at it, but here’s a YouTube video of someone else’s chicken singing the egg song. Imagine four chickens doing this together for five hours a day. MAN IT IS LOUD.


    “Excuse me, can I have some PRIVACY PLEASE?”

    They have since settled down with the cackling. In fact, I haven’t heard anything other than the usual quiet clucking for the last few days. I guess it was just a little ALARMING for them at first. “OMG AN EGG! AN EGG CAME OUT OF MY BUTT!” “MINE TOO! THAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME!” “I THINK AN EGG IS COMING OUT OF HER BUTT NOW!” “WAAAAAUGH WHAT IS GOING ON???”

    As a side note, Harriet (my Rhode Island Red) has been laying nothing but double-yolkers. These are twice as large as the other eggs, which makes them exactly the same size as a regular egg. With two yolks crammed in there, and practically no egg white. Weird.


    At night I like to watch them settling in to sleep on their roost. They make the sweetest little “tuk tuk” noises. If you look closely, you can see them through the window along the top of their coop. I think they like being able to peek out from their roosts.

    9 comments to Chicken Update

    • Jennifer

      I am weeping with laughter. :)

    • You know, when I hit puberty (with all it entailed), my response was not unlike that of your chickens. (Well, not the egg-coming-out-of-the-butt parts, but you know what I mean, I think)

      I suspect that minorly freaking out at puberty is a fairly universal reaction.

    • I have to say…I cannot get enough of your chicken updates. Seriously.

    • two silver cats

      Your chicken updates are faaaar more addicting than any soap opera. I love to imagine your voice as you type in the commentary (“WAAAAAUGH!!!”).

      Seriously, I’m crying now. Making a big mess.

    • Katharine

      Is that yet another use for a kitty litter bucket?
      The girls do look very content peeking out of their roost. I know it is early to be thinking of this but how are you going to winterize their roost?

    • It would be unnerving, you have to admit.

    • erica, have you read “The Egg and I” by Betty MacDonald? It’s an old classic from 1945. She and her husband moved to a small chicken farm on Vashon Island “largely unprepared for the rigors of the wild”. I’m reading it now, and it’s very funny …

    • Wa ha ha! Loved the description of their reactions to the eggs. I can’t figure out which I love reading more – Sims updates or chicken updates!

    • Oh my god. I almost peed my pants laughing. Who knew poultry could be so entertaining?

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