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    My Organize, Let Me Show You It

    Back when I blogged about the desk shelving I built, Ayla said “I want another blog-honest picture in exactly one month.” Your wish is my command!

    desk shelving

    Not bad, right?

    I want to make it clear that I’m not posting this to point out what an awesome and capable person I am. We’ve all run across those Martha Stewart wannabe blogs, and how tiresome they can be.

    This is actually a lesson about clutter. Take a clump of clutter and give it some high-level analysis. Why is it there? What makes it “clutter”? That will give you your long-term answer.

    A lot of my clutter is “stuff that didn’t have a proper place to live.” The test for this is if you ask yourself where it belongs, the answer is “Um… I dunno.” Or in the case of the desktop clutter, “Right there, but yuck.”

    (Another kind of clutter is “stuff that belongs somewhere else, but it’s never there, because that’s an inconvenient place.” This kind of clutter can also benefit from a bit of reorganization.

    Say your knitting needles belong in the pretty basket on the shelf across the room, but they’re always cluttering up your coffee table. Maybe the solution is to keep them in a pretty box beside your coffee table.)

    The long-term solution to clutter like this is to know yourself. I know that if something has a proper home, I’m pretty good about putting it there. I also know that it drives me crazy to reach for one thing on a shelf, and have ten other things come tumbling out, so I’m pretty good at keeping shelves tidy.

    (Don’t worry, I have plenty of faults. You should see the always-refreshing pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.)

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