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    Knitting Ideas

    I like to take time in summer to plan out what I want to knit in the rest of the year. It lets me feel like I’m making progress, without having to actually touch wool with my sweaty sticky fingers. Here’s three things I ran across recently:

    1. Yesterday the employee at the senior center pointed out something that was perfectly obvious once she’d said it. Local food banks are a great place to donate knitted items. (If in doubt, call your nearest food bank and ask.)

    This is a good time to point out that this is going to be a tough winter season for non-profits across the board. Charitable giving is way down, and the number of low-income families is way up. Not to crank the thumb screws. Just sayin’.

    2. Her personal project is to buy dolls from thrift stores in summer. She cleans them up, then knits them a wardrobe. Then she packages it all up, and donates it to the food bank to pass along at Christmas.

    Isn’t this a great idea? I’ve always wanted to knit adorable teeny tiny doll clothes, but I’m a grown-up, I don’t play with dolls and never have, and I don’t have kids, nor do I know anyone who does. THIS IS MY CHANCE!

    This is also a great chance for knitters to stretch their talents. You can use a pre-written pattern for doll clothes, or you can make/adapt your own. Knit a swatch, measure the gauge, take your doll’s measurements, and adjust the pattern accordingly.

    Any knitting pattern can be made doll-size with a little bit of math. If you get stuck, I’m here to help! (And if I get stuck helping you, I’ll phone Dorothy, like I always do.)

    3. I’ve been watching “30 Rock” on Netflix’s streaming service. Yesterday I watched an episode that included a FABULOUS stranded scarf.

    Liz Lemon Scarf

    You could knit this as a simple tube, and flatten it a bit when you block it.

    Liz Lemon Scarf

    It would hardly require a pattern at all, although it would need a bit of planning. I know from experience that it takes a lot of work to get the look of random color changes.

    Each band has a background color (red, green, yellow, blue) plus white. You can actually see a pattern repeat in that first picture, but I can’t decide if I’d want to do it that way or not.

    I think I want this scarf precisely because it’s so unlike anything I’d ever wear. It’s just so cheerful.

    (The hat is awfully cute, too, but I’m kind of bleh on cabled hats right now.)

    10 comments to Knitting Ideas

    • kellys

      I like her gloves too…that snowball on the hat would give me a headache, but it’s cute.

    • Crystal

      That scarf is fab! It looks like it could double knitting to me.

    • Great idea about the knitting items/food shelves! That’s where my hats (one done, many more to be knitted) will go.

    • Lori

      What great ideas! Thank the lady at the senior center for us. My sister knitted sweaters for my daughter’s doll. I will have to see if she has the pattern still.

    • I noticed the convertible mittens/fingerless gloves too. For us sock knitters out there, the scarf could be a great way to use leftover sock yarn, incorporating it with new solid color strands.

      The dolls are a great idea!

      BTW have the girls laid any eggs yet? How are they doing in the heat?

    • Jennifer

      Great ideas! I love this blog.

    • Little Red

      When doing scarf tubes, I like to do a P1 or P2 column at what will become each side — I find it helps it to lay flatter after blocking. Though I think the idea of doing it as double-sided knitting could be extra-cool (though, again, require planning).

      I lurk on your blog due to love of Star Trek, knitting, your brilliant Sims recaps, and, um, chickens and such!

    • Another Erika

      That doll idea is so cute, I can hardly stand it.

    • That scarf is really cheery.

      Planned knitting? First you destash and organize and now you plan? All such foreign concepts to me.

      And yes, are your chickens laying any eggs? Or just wilting in the heat?

    • So the knitting-sweaters-for-chickens project has bogged down?
      Great ideas for charity knitting, and a way to do some good in our own neighborhoods.
      I also suspect that scarf is double-knitting, which puts it in the mind-boggling category…

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