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    Man, i just can’t catch a brea…

    Man, i just can’t catch a break this week – but at least the sun is out!

    3 comments to Man, i just can’t catch a brea…

    • Judy

      You have had the brunt of the bad weather so far with all the rain and snow. Please stay warm. I love WA…but not so much in January!

    • Judy

      Here’s one I stole from the Yarn Harlot blog…still lol!

      Author Unknown

      It’s winter in South Dakota
      And the gentle breezes blow
      Seventy miles an hour
      At twenty-five below

      Oh, how I love South Dakota
      When the snow’s up to your butt
      You take a breath of winter
      And your nose gets frozen shut

      Yes, the weather here is wonderful
      So I guess I’ll hang around
      I could never leave South Dakota
      ‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground

    • I hope the twittering doesn’t signal power out or your computer failed or that you are out and stick in the mud or some thing else. At least you weren’t flying home from NY today. (knowing how you feel about travel, I really ought not joke like that. sorry.)

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