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    Bye Bye Yarn! The Big De-Stash

    Today my computer crapped out at 85 degrees/11AM, so I took the day off. I decided to cull my stash. I phoned the nearest senior center, and asked if they had a knitting group that would be interested in a donation. They did, and they would, and so my plan was set in motion.

    My plan was to pick through two of the big bins, and ruthlessly dispose of anything that I knew I would never knit. This includes single skeins that I’d bought with no particular purpose in mind, leftover skeins from multi-skein projects, right down to the golf ball-sized bits I was saving for WHO KNOWS WHY.

    My plan was to put all this yarn into this adorable gift bag, and give it to the senior center.


    Everything went according to plan, except that… the yarn didn’t fit into the gift bag.




    In the end, I packed two large grocery store totes full to the brim.


    I had to tamp them down a little, just to keep the yarn from falling out the top. But I refused to split it into a third Safeway tote bag, because honestly! I do have some shame.

    Oddly enough, after updating my Ravelry stash page, donating all of this yarn only resulted in a net loss of 800 yards. And when I say “oddly,” I’m putting it in “air quotes.”

    It turns out that I hadn’t entered or tallied any of these “little bits,” because they “weren’t enough to count.” Why, “that skein is practically done anyway.”


    I took it straight to the senior center, even though it was wicked hot out and I was scared to leave the house. But I truly, madly, desperately needed to have those giant bulging sacks of shame OUT OF MY HOUSE.

    Luckily, the staff member who gratefully took my donation was also a knitter. So she totally understood. And she gave me some great knitting ideas, which I’ll expound upon in another post.

    After all that, I barely had the strength to watch television all day. I know; I’m sure your heart bleeds for me. I kept the cats cool with ice packs wrapped in damp washcloths.


    Sadly, the ice packs eventually melted and had to go back in the freezer. Brady went upstairs to dangle various body parts over the edge.


    The updraft from the open window upstairs means that you can catch a (slightly) cooler breeze there.

    12 comments to Bye Bye Yarn! The Big De-Stash

    • LOL! Love the cat parts and the whole. Poor chubby things :)

      Well, at least the de-stash must have made a dent space-wise if not weight-wise/yardage-wise, no?

    • Debi

      When it is that hot in Chicago, a nice cool spot under a tree is best. And a fan sure can help!

    • And did you dangle body parts over the edge, too?

    • Thanks for the senior center idea. I really need to get rid of some yarn. In fact, I think I might get rid of all of it and start over. This week might be when I need to go through it all.

    • Good for you! Those poor kittehs — I laughed at the ice packs.

    • Ok, I laughed out loud when I saw Brady smiling with that ice pack against his back, and then I nearly died when I saw his sweet little legs dangling.

      How are the chickens coping?

    • I have a bin’s worth I could get rid of, good idea!

      Jamie got into bed with me at 5am, and he was so hot it scared me. I petted him with a wet washcloth for a while – pissed him off, but he got a bit cooler. Weird to feel such hot cat ears!

    • When it’s that hot, I move the cats to the family room, close the door, and crank up the window AC that I bought especially for them. Yes. Because there is no AC out there.

    • Giving your not needed yarn to the senior center was an excellent idea. I had not thought of that before. I will have to have a clean out day.

    • I love that picture of Brady’s legs dangling over the staircase!!

      It’s always best to destash as quickly as possible. You really thought it would fit in that gift bag?

    • Another Erika

      I used otter pops to cool down my kitty. Once the weather cools down enough, I’ll be able to eat them.

      Frustratingly, the cat mostly refuses to sit in front of the fan even when she’s panting. Grrr.

    • Ha ha…when my friend and I donated all that yarn to the nursing home, my friend had to fess up to me that she had 15 (ONE FIVE) kitchen trash bags FULL. 15!!!

      She was so sweet – she took partially completed projects and put them in separate bags with the pattern in them so someone could finish it if they wanted to!

      LOVE the cat photos!! Such a sweetie! I am taking care of a stray that looks like your guy!

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