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    Sims Sunday: Isabeau Hits The Town

    Isabeau is getting tired with the daily high school grind, and so am I. She kept having a wish to “skip school,” which I was happy to oblige.

    I was careful to keep her grades up (she was getting an A) and not to skip too often. Because what if the heir to the Alphabetti line gets sent away to military school never to return? Not good.

    One day after school she went over to this kid’s house to play.

    sims sunday

    Check out the outhouse in the background! Hilarious!

    I forgot to write down his name, but this unfortunate fellow clearly suffers from Children Who Look Middle Aged syndrome. Seems to be a common affliction in Sims 3.

    sims sunday

    He got tired and went to bed early. Isabeau amused herself by roasting marshmallows in his outdoor fire pit.

    sims sunday

    By the way, he apparently has no parents. No adults showed up while we were there, and the cabin has only a single bed to sleep in.

    Apparently either teens can live alone in Sims 3, or he actually IS middle-aged. She was invited over to his house after classes, so he might be one of the teachers at the high school. A thought which creeped me out so much that I mentally banned her from ever visiting him again.

    Apropos of nothing, there IS a Cow Plant in Sims 3, but it’s just a tabletop decoration. Sad!

    sims sunday

    The next day after school I sent her downtown to putter around. Since the Alphabettis still have about §12,000 left from the §50,000 bonus I gave them, I decided to have her spend the money wisely.

    For §7,000 you can buy a share in one of the stores downtown. It pays out §1,000 every week. Although you have to actually GO to the store to pick up your Simoleons, which is kind of annoying.

    sims sunday

    “One seventh of everything I survey is mine! All mine!”

    But who’s that sitting on the bench?

    sims sunday

    It’s Bob Newbie! I spent hundreds – literally hundreds – of hours playing Bob Newbie in Sims 1. (You could do that back then, because once Sims were adults they stopped aging, and there was no death from old age.)

    I remember Bob having a lot less hair, though.

    sims sunday

    Later that night, Isabeau watched as a woman died of old age. Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be? To just keel over at a picnic table of old age, in front of the whole town?

    In watching the spectacle, she accidentally broke curfew and was escorted home by the police officer. More embarrassment!

    sims sunday

    The next day, Iain grew up into a child. Since Helvetica didn’t have time to spend teaching him how to walk, talk, and use the potty, the game selected his new personality trait for me.

    sims sunday

    He received the trait “technophobe.” Which as far as I can tell means that he gets pissy when someone leaves the television on. Kind of unfortunate, when your older sister is a “couch potato,” and watches television constantly.

    That night they had a barbecue to celebrate, and set the porch on fire. This is why the experienced Sims player always puts a fire alarm outside.

    sims sunday

    Helvetica has climbed the career ladder to Medical Level 6, Trauma Surgeon. She now earns §110 per hour. On the down side, she gets called into work in the middle of the night at least twice a week. Unfair!

    sims sunday

    Here she gives her bed one last, longing look before heading into the hospital.

    8 comments to Sims Sunday: Isabeau Hits The Town

    • So § = Simoleons? Clever.

      I have never seen an outhouse with a deck in front. Does that mean it doesn’t have a pit? or maybe just a shallow one? And the outhouse is practically on the bank of the river? Ewww, that kid/middle-aged man is trouble…

    • I know! He looks like he has 5-o’clock-shadow.

    • Melsa

      Okay a child sized middle aged man inviting a teenager back to his swamp home, which is fully equipped with an outhouse and bathtub in the yard, may be one of the creepiest things I have ever heard about in Sim!

    • A smoke alarm! Outside! Genius. I just lost one of my Sims in a very unfortunate lightning-related fire last week and I was heartbroken. Stupid girl wouldn’t leave the scene to call the fire department.

    • Well, teens can live alone in Sims 2, so it makes sense that they could in Sims 3 as well. If they weren’t in different neighbourhoods, I’d suggest you introduce Mr. Middle-Aged-Teen to Napoleon. Their babies would undoubtedly have grey hair at birth.

    • Maybe Bob Newbie went to the Hair Club for Sims?

      I agree that that overaged teenager with five o’clock shadow and an outhouse with a deck is creepy, like something out of “Deliverance,” almost.

    • Oh gosh, look how much I’ve missed!! I’m catching up!

    • Sandy

      What happened to Makoto? Is he still around?? And is it lame that I care???

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