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    Last Post of the Year

    The end of the year is a big tidying-up time for me. All year long I’m accumulating projects that I want to finish “by the end of the year,” and the last week of the year becomes a mad dash to the finish line. Some I’ll finish; some I won’t. It’s the trying that’s important.

    I wanted to close out the year by following up on some unanswered questions:

    Omly asked two questions: Did you ever end up being able to repel the mice in the car? How was your harvest of compost from the worms?

    Ha ha! That’s a no on the mice. I tried noise, lights, dryer sheets, Lysol, ammonia, cat box leavings, and probably a few other things, to no avail.

    The Honda sat alone in the driveway for several months after my dad gave me his Saab. One day I noticed that it had a tiny maple seedling, four inches tall, sprouting from the accumulated tree droppings that had piled up below the windshield wipers. The next day I drove it to a used car dealer and sold it for cash.

    (And by “used car dealer,” I mean “the guy up the road who has a sign that says USED CARS spraypainted on a sheet of corrugated tin.”)

    The worm box has been a rousing success. Although it’s running a little behind at the moment, with the cold weather. I relocated it outside over summer because I was having a fruit fly problem, which wasn’t sourced from the worm box, but wasn’t being helped by it either.

    The only problem with the worm box is a workflow issue. There are times that I need vermicompost, and times that I feel like separating it out from the worms and raw food (a tedious process which takes at least an hour). Those times never overlap. Usually when I separate out the vermicompost, I end up just scattering it around the lawn. Which I guess is kind of a waste, but whatever.

    Lisa E asked: I know you are a Linux fan, and I was wondering if you’ve worked with Ubuntu? If so, how do you like it?

    I like Ubuntu quite a lot. I’m not running it as a desktop at the moment, but I used it for several years at home in the past. Ubuntu is great – incredibly easy to install, and the best driver support I’ve ever seen in any OS. Sadly, it is not compatible with The Sims 2.

    (This is someone’s cue to suggest I try WINE. I have noticed that the people who suggest WINE have not actually tried using WINE for something. The answer, just to be proactive, is NO.)

    Patti said: I know I’m not the only one who wonders how Mr.Burrito is doing.

    Mr. Burrito is doing very well, and his family loves him a LOT. For privacy reasons I can’t release his new name out here on the internets, but he does have one. Here’s a recent picture that his family sent along – he was 5 months old when the picture was taken, and weighed just under 100lbs:

    Mr Burrito

    Fiona asked: My question is what happened to all the kale? Did you ever find new (read: edible) recipes for it?

    Oh lordy, the kale. I try to eat kale once a month, because it’s ever so chock full of vitamins, and I always feel supercharged the next day. (Note that this may be the placebo effect at work.)

    I have discovered that if you chop it into fine shreddies, and steam the heck out of it, you can then tuck the shreddies into other things. Like potatoes au gratin, and homemade mac and cheese. I’m not sure if that counts as a recipe or not, but it is edible.

    That’s all for this year! I want to wrap up with sending a big hug and thank you to everyone for your friendship, advice, and entertainment. This blog has changed my life in ways I never would have expected, and it’s all because of YOU!

    12 comments to Last Post of the Year

    • Thank *you*! And Happy New Year!

    • Katharine

      Thank you! Hope you have a very happy and prosperous 2009!

    • Jen

      Mr.Burrito looks very happy in the snow. Happy new year to you!

    • Aw, Mr. Burrito looks pensive (missing you?) and right at home in the snow. He is still cute as a button, just a bigger button now.

      May the new year bring you lots of most excellent blog fodder, yarn, and Sims!

    • broccoli lover

      Kale is a dish best served homeopathically.

    • Mr Burrito is adorable. Still.

      I’m so relieved to hear you got your Angel – and in time for Christmas!

      I’d love to get rid of a huge amount of my stash but if I actually make it a resolution it will just treble in size to spite me. But I’ll cheer you all year.

      Happy New Year!

    • I think I actually used Wine to install a ported version of IE on my husband’s Mac. (he’s got a bank which is backward with technology). Can’t say as I loved it.

      Wishing you and the orange guys a peaceful and fulfilling 2009!

    • Judy

      Thank you for your pictures, insights and fun. I love reading your blog! Happy New Year, peace and prosperity.

    • Debi

      Mr. Burrito looks so regal to me. I hope you have a Great 09

    • kellys

      Have a wonderful 2009!! Thanks for writing about your doings :)

    • Jennifer

      My husband takes the WINE comment as a cue to ask “Has she tried VMWare?”

      My question is “What happened to YarnForest?” Will it come back? My mom loves her socks I made with the rosy yarn you sold me.

      Mr. Burrito looks awesome. As far as I’m concerned, that is his name. Maybe it’s like a stage name, and we’re the adoring public. He can have another one behind the scenes.

      Welcome to 2009; hope it’s better than 2008!

    • I am so glad you included mr. burrito’s picture.. he is so beautiful! I remember when he was born it was touch and go for a while… hard to believe! He’s a big old gansta now!!!

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