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    It’s not over yet

    The forecast calls for: wind. Yesterday I was shocked at how strong the wind was. I saw all kinds of unlikely objects being pushed around by the wind, like rogue shopping carts, and the big metal dome-shaped lids of outdoor trash cans.

    The plastic adirondack chair weather report is: tipped over.

    tree down

    On my way home I had to dodge several downed trees. This one nearly defeated me. I went out without my digital camera, but I took this cameraphone picture on my way home. This is what confronted me on the private road, about 100 feet from the driveway:

    tree down

    I know what you’re thinking: it doesn’t look that bad. It’s barely blocking the road. But here’s the thing: it’s blocking the left-hand track. And what’s outside the tracks is six inches of slushy snow. Which I can’t drive through. In fact, you can see one set of my tire tracks there in the center. I had to back down the road and get a run at it 3 times before I finally made it past.

    More wind is scheduled for tonight, and MUCH more wind is scheduled for early Friday morning. Wah!

    checkerboard tea cosy

    Among the list of FO’s from the 17-day weather-related lockdown is a new pattern for sale: the Checkerboard Tea Cosy. Blog PageRavelry PagePatternfish Page.

    I have to say, I really feel like I’ve outdone myself with this pattern. I found it somewhat confusing while I was knitting it – twice I had to rip it back because I had changed the yarn color, but not the stitch pattern. It took me ages, just AGES to get the decreases correct. I second-guessed my own gauge swatch and had to knit a second one that fit properly.

    As a result of all this tea cosy drama, I have created full written-out and schematic instructions for every aspect of the pattern. Some people might say that an eight page pattern for a tea cosy is overkill. I say, if you’re going to publish PDF patterns online, why not make them eight pages long?

    The pattern is priced at $4.95, but if you want a free review copy, drop a comment and I’ll send it along!

    9 comments to It’s not over yet

    • I understood exactly how serious that fallen tree was. Glad you made it through!

    • Jen

      Glad to hear you’re doing ok! And the tea cozy looks lovely!

    • I hate snow.
      I truly hate snow.
      I’m still trying to figure out why I live in Vermont… 8)

    • and I’m sitting here on the other side of the planet where this year has only 8 more hours left and the sun is shining, wondering what that much snow would be like.
      and btw I’m happy to test knit or review or whatever.

    • I’d love a cozy pattern.

      Wind is scary. I live in the city, but (oddly) on a dirt road, with lots of trees. Wind storms give me the willies.

      Incidentally, I was inspired by your earlier post about stash turnover to decide on UFO finishing for 2009. I’m going to finish (or die trying) the 8 sweaters currently in progress…assuming I can find them all.

    • Huh. No idea why my blog link in the previous comment points to an old post.

      [I’ve fixed it for ya! – Erika]

    • Cliff changed his mind, did you see that? So maybe we are out of the woods.

      …well, figuratively at least :)

    • Robyn

      I would really appreciate a copy of the teacosy pattern! I love the look of it. I have been looking for a small pattern now for days. This one is just perfect for my small teapot. If you are able to send me a copy I would be very appreciative.

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