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    Miscellaneous Updates

    On the hair: it’s still sorting itself out. Currently, it looks just like Jon Stewart’s hair, which I think is hilarious.

    I also decided that instead of saying “too butch for me,” which could be misunderstood, instead I should say “too severe for me.”

    Last night I felt a mosquito land on the back of my neck. I swished my non-existent ponytail to shoo it away, and nearly gave myself whiplash.

    On the speech to text software: I’m surprised it took me so long to realize how perfect this is for knitters. You could totally knit while you write!

    The great thing about the software is that I can write while doing something else with my hands, like readjusting my wrist brace. The weird thing about the software is that I can’t write while my mouth is full. I’m still getting used to this.

    ETA Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you this! Turns out my yarn scale was too small to weigh all the hair. At the Post Office, it clocked in at 1lb 6oz. Of hair.

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    • Yeah, that is a weird set of writing parameters…
      A friend of mine used speech to text software when he had tendinitis (he was a guitar player/teacher, so that was very serious) – we’d chat or game frequently, and sometimes I’d have to read what he’d ‘typed’ out loud in an effort to puzzle out what he meant.

    • I had to reread that to be sure. One pound six ounces? DAMN!

    • Sara

      I cut my hair off nearly 10 years ago … it was down to my hips; now it’s, erm, pretty severe. :-)

      I *still* have “phantom hair” moments: like a phantom limb, only less painful (apart from the whiplash). Doesn’t your head feel light? It’s pretty amazing.

    • Melsa

      I always manage to forget how much I love your blog because it’s not on my toolbar. That’s changing now because I can’t lose months of amusement again. Although I did just spend a lovely hour reviewing what I’d missed all the way back to the post where we first meet grown up Ernesto. I laughed so hard even rereading it again that I almost woke up the baby I’m watching. Oy, anyway thanks for keeping this blog it’s wonderful :)

    • Hah! That was a welcome chuckle: whiplash by mosquito! That was a lot of hair, amazing.

    • Too severe is probably more accurate. Jon Stewart hair? lol.

      1 lb 6oz???? Wowza. Lots for charity!

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