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    Semi-Antique Fish Hobbyist Magazine Wanted

    Okay, innernet, do your thing! I’m looking for a copy of the June, 2002 edition of Tropical Fish Hobbyist. If you have one, please let me know! It has an article titled “Practical Advice for the Planted Aquarium,” which I believe I wrote. But I could be wrong.

    (Sadly, you can’t back-order issues that old from their website. I have yet to find a library with seven years’ worth of TFH issues.)

    5 comments to Semi-Antique Fish Hobbyist Magazine Wanted

    • Margaret

      I sent you an email with more information, but it looks like I can get it from my local library.

    • Good luck!
      I’ve had success with back issues on eBay. Amazing what’s out there.

    • Way to go, Margaret. I spent some time on Proquest and other databases but didn’t get anywhere.

    • knitopia

      If Margaret’s library doesn’t have it, I should be able to get it through the university library. Let me know!

    • Dani

      First, try scouting Ebay regularly, this has worked for me many times.
      Second, try posting on Freecycle lists in your area…i have seen alot of people request old periodicals for hobbies like photography or minatures & usually they find what they are looking for….may pan out for you.
      Thridly, love the blog, I adore your chickens, am irrationally addicted to the Sim-Saga & of course the knitting content.

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