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    Puppy Wednesday

    I decided to take Carrie K’s suggestion and start Puppy Wednesday. Another problem with blogging about five-week-old puppies is that they are very difficult to photograph. Even using the flash, I get nothing but puppy-shaped blurs.

    The only time they hold still is when they are nomming on their dish of semi-solid food. Of course, it’s not the most scenic view.


    At this age, they basically look like sacks of flour with feet and wagging tails. The spots only make it more difficult – in photos, it’s hard to tell where one puppy ends and another begins. (The black and white Newfoundlands are called Landseers.)

    Video is easier. Here’s the Puppy Mosh Pit. Includes a cameo appearance by the Jingle Ball, which starred in last year’s breakaway hit video, Puppy Soccer.

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