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    Vintage military knitwear

    I posted this link in a comment, then I realized that it deserves to be promoted to a post of its own. The American Red Cross has an online WWII museum, including scans of original WWII knitting patterns. So cool, I can’t tell you how much I love these!

    Military knitting patterns brook no dissent. Modern patterns ask you to swatch first, too. But I love how the military patterns tell you to adjust your own knitting until you are knitting the CORRECT number of stitches per inch, and then proceed.

    I may end up giving the men’s coat sweater [PDF] pattern a shot. Because last night I took a more honest look at what I’ve made of The Cardigan so far? And I think I’m going to have to rip it back and start again. Sigh.

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    • oh this is too much fun … I learned to knit during WWII in Toronto … I was six years old, and my aunt was making socks and sweaters and balaclavas (a helmet in which there are openings for eyes and mouth) always in dark navy. She did the casting on for me, and I was eager to become good enough to graduate to argyles … try those if you want a really lot of fun … all those dangling little bobbins

      went to the local community second-hand store on Saturday and found an entire sweater of good creamy color wool in the unfinished projects bin … I’m ripping it out now so I can make socks and scarves and mitts

      planning to start a book for my knitting diary

      two books I like a lot … “The Knitting Diary, Craft as a Spiritual Practice” by Susan Gordon Lydon (this is not a how-to book, it’s about her journey of recovery. The other is “The Knitting Goddess” by Deborah Bergman … I’ve made three Athena’s Smoke Rings (two for friends and one for me) … happy now that cold weather is here so I can wear it again

      you’re brave to make that men’s coat sweater with seeing a picture

      sorry … this is too long


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