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Sweater dreams

This time of year, most people probably don’t start thinking about heavy wool sweaters. But I do.

Spring and fall are when my house is the coldest. I only have a wood stove for heat. In summer, it’s warm enough outside that it doesn’t matter. In winter, it’s cold enough that I load up the stove at least once a day. But in spring and fall, it’s not cold enough to justify using the wood.

In spring and fall, my house stays between 55-65. And when I say “my house,” I work from home, so that’s “my office,” too.

I wear layers. Lots of layers.

This is when my horrible sweater really shines. Knit in a bulky wool/alpaca blend, this thing (Drops 103-1) is as warm as it is ill-conceived. Everything about it is wrong, from the double-breasted front to the weird collar. The arms are 4″ longer than my own arms. It’s so heavy that it hangs badly when open, so I finally gave up and sewed the fronts together, thus negating all the work I did to make it a cardigan (coat).

The other day I was sitting at my desk, listening to the guy doing yardwork outside, wondering if I should take off the sweater in case he came to the door. I can’t be seen in it. It’s that bad.

No, I’m not going to show it. How about a kitty picture?

it a kitty

And I thought, “You know, I could just knit another sweater. A better sweater. One that I’m not embarrassed to be seen in.”

It was just an idle thought, but I followed it too far. I went to WEBS and the yarn (Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky) was on sale, and long story short, I guess I’m going to start knitting a sweater now. With all the time I’ve spent knitting lately. (Sheepish cough.)

Edit: Speaking of “Things I have been doing other than knitting,” I have revived my Facebook account if you want to follow me there.

5 comments to Sweater dreams

  • Kt

    Same pattern? On tenterhooks over here. I have buffalo yarn and a pattern from my Abbotsford shop waiting to become a Cowichan-ish sweater, if I ever get my ass in gear….

  • Dorothy

    Can you full the current sweater a bit and chop off the too long arms? Your could also do that without fulling by picking up the live stitches and binding them off. But also a bit of fulling means you can butcher the collar.

    Not that you shouldn’t make a new and better sweater, but the ugly one is probably worth a little scissor action for your at home layering needs.

  • Ginny

    But it is warm, yes? Warm trumps ugly. At least until there is a new sweater in town. :-)