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I made a thing

A cross-post of sorts from my video game blog. I created a “Let’s Play” video, which is where you record your gameplay along with your headset audio. It’s like a real-time commentary track, but with a lot more awkwardness.

If you have ever wondered what I sound like in real life, or what weird noises I make when I get frustrated or annoyed, then this is your lucky day!

A warning: There is a lot of explicit violence in this video. And a lot of inappropriate giggling at the explicit violence, because I am a terrible human being.

4 comments to I made a thing

  • KellyS

    too bad you don’t play wow…thinking of wildstar?

    • Erika

      Oh, I think you mentioned Wildstar before, but I had forgotten about it! It sounds intriguing, but I’m a little hesitant when they talk about the combat system. I kind of hate turn-based combat, like you see in the Mortal Combat games. I am not sure if this is that or not.

  • Kt

    Cool. You sound like you blog!! That was fun!

    • Erika

      Hah, thanks! Isn’t it weird to hear someone’s actual voice when you have only ever read their words? It’s always either weird they sound exactly like you thought they would, or weird they sound completely different. Either way: weird.