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This time of year my front yard becomes a singles bar for amphibians.

“Hey baby” the frogs croak. “You work out? Huh? You look good! Hey baby.”

It seems charming from the video, I’m sure. But this is a rare example of daytime ribbiting. They usually only ribbit at night. All night. About 20 feet from my bedroom window. At which point it definitely counts as “racket.”

You move all the way to the middle of the woods, but you still gotta deal with noisy neighbors. I swear.

3 comments to Ribbit-o-rama

  • And as the days go by, the last of the frogs get more and more desperate. “Oh, please!!!!! Somebody?? Anybody??”
    We’ll be hearing peepers up here in another month or so. Higher pitched but just as loud. At least it’s a sure sign of spring…

  • Heh. “Our” frogs last night cracked me up. They were all singing their little hearts out and there was one who couldn’t carry a tune. It was like, ‘La-la-la-la-BLAT!’

  • kt

    Thanks for sharing them–we had frog song at our last rental place, but this one, though still uber-damp, hasn’t got the right kind of outdoor arena for a love-fest.