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Surprise! The socks are done.

It’s not an April Fool’s prank, they really are finished.

knitting blog

And they even almost match!

Opal sock yarn may not be the softest, and I know many knitters prize softness above all other qualities. But it is durable, stands up to being machine laundered on a regular basis, and the colors stay vibrant for a long time. I am a fan.

3 comments to Surprise! The socks are done.

  • And they’re easy to spot in the laundry basket! Love those bright colors.

  • Northmoon

    I think knitters make a big mistake in going for softness first in all wools. I for one am sick and tired of having my new sweater look like a cheap pilled mess after a few months. This often happens even with expensive yarns. Merino is over rated, softness in the skein often means cheap short fibres with no staying power. There are other breeds of sheep with long staple fleeces; we need to encourage more of these other breeds.

    And don’t get me started on machine wash yarns! That’s a rant for another day.

  • Northmoon

    Oh and your socks are beautiful. I love it when socks from varigated yarn turn out to be a matched pair.