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    On Gay Marriage

    This is something I’ve been meaning to say for ages. The whole Proposition 8 situation in California is as good a time to say it as any.

    There are two primary arguments against gay marriage:

    1. God hates teh gay.

    Well, you all know my position on this. As far as I’m concerned, you may as well believe in unicorns. They’re every bit as plausible, and also pretty and sparkly.

    The sooner we collectively stop using a mystical being in the sky as an excuse to be nasty to each other, the better.

    2. It cheapens the institution of marriage.

    This one always makes me chuckle.

    If allowing child molesters, serial killers, death row prisoners, meth addicts, neo-nazis, corporate polluters, rapists, people who let their dog poop on the sidewalk and don’t pick it up, tobacco company executives, dog fighting enthusiasts, and serial drunk drivers to get married doesn’t “cheapen the institution,” what will?

    Are you seriously telling me that you’re fine with all those other categories getting married, but if two nice same-sex people want to marry, it will BRING ABOUT THE COLLAPSE OF SOCIETY?

    Follow-up question: are you an idiot, or are you just off your meds?

    12 comments to On Gay Marriage

    • I was ranting about Prop 8 to my husband, and said something to the effect of, “Why leave marriage just to the straight people to f*ck up? I mean, it’s not like we’ve exactly got a lock on doing it right.” Perhaps the solution is a TRUE separation of church and state, where you (everyone) can be civily unionized under the power vested in your state or country, and then you can have marriage by the power vested in teh puppies, or unicorns, or gravity (it’s the law!). And marriage is really more for ceremony and flinging of the water and the whipping about of the incense and can be blessed by Tar or whomever. Which is kinda how it is, I guess, what with getting a “license”, but still. I’m so tired of religion dictating legal matters.

    • Yes, yes, yes. I’m blackkitten, and I support this blog post/above comment.

    • Linda

      Well said! Thank you.

    • This message has been endorsed by The Kat™

    • Lori

      Thank you Erika!

      Can I quote you? (seriously) :O)

    • Northmoon

      I’ve never understood why people are so concerned about this issue. ‘Marriage’ isn’t a limited commodity – there’s enough for everyone.

      The quality (and to some extent even the legal terms and vows) of any couple’s marriage is not determined or changed by the marriage of two other complete strangers in any way. It’s up to the parties involved to put their own marriage relationship together which should be what really matters.

    • two silver cats

      I just hate how some people choose to define “marriage” as something that can only happen between people with compatible body parts.

      ….All you need is love (love), love is all you need…

    • Sara

      Good call!

      The charge that something “Cheapens the Institution of Marriage” cracks me up. The only thing that would “cheapen” the institution is divorce — and i’m not going to ask how many anti-gay-marriage folks have had one of THOSE. That would cheapen the argument.

      In one of the joke emails passed around, there was a request for clarification on some of the religious laws: sort of an Open Letter to God. My favorite was “If my neighbor does (or doesn’t do) ____X_____, do I have to wait for You to punish him or can I smite him myself?”

      Let’s just let teh god take care of teh sinnerz, K? :-)

    • Marilyn

      Furthermore- John Gottman(UW), marriage guru, has evidence that same sex couples are more compatible.

    • Marilyn

      And whose God, though. This July our minister married a lesbian couple.

    • cgReno

      Seriously, can i quote you? I have not heard it said better. Usually articulate, this issue makes me so crazed when it comes up that i babble like an idiot. Thank you for saying it so clearly. Got one for Racists?

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