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Yep, I’m still sick. Actually I am quite sick. Sick enough that I don’t really want to tell you how sick I am, because then you will be mad at me for blogging and working instead of taking better care of myself.

What can I say? I am who I am. And who I am is someone who is very bad at being sick. I empathize with Leslie Knope 100% in that respect. Maybe I have network connectivity problems, too.

By the way, I did get a flu shot last October. I guess it wore off, or this is some rogue blend of flu that the CDC didn’t account for. Anyway, I demand my $20 copay back. Wait, I didn’t have to pay a copay. I demand my zero dollars back.

Anyway! Got those sock pictures for ya!

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This is Lion Brand Sock-Ease in colorway Rock Candy, which is blues and grays shot through with a little bit of chartreuse. I love it!

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