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Last Thursday I thought I was a little sick, and then I got a lot sicker, and then I spent most of the weekend asleep. Those parts when I wasn’t asleep (few and far between) I mostly spent playing video games and trying not to whine on Twitter. But I did manage to finish the second sock.

Ordinarily, a picture of the socks would go right here. I have them stretched out on my sock blockers and ready to go. But I don’t want to go outside. It’s cold out there, and I’m sick, and lazy.

Umm… how about a kitty picture? Here’s one from the archives.

knitting blog

She is so pleased with herself in this picture. The stovepipe on the right is blasting out heat, and I have the window cranked open so that she can sniff outside.

I will post a picture of the socks next time. I mean, heck, it’s just socks. You probably have a pretty good idea what they look like already.

(Did it feel weird for you not to have a Video Game Sunday post here yesterday? It felt weird to me not to write one. I have a continuous line of Sims Sunday posts stretching back to 2008. Change is hard.

I’m really enjoying writing the video game blog, though. My desire to talk about video games had clearly outgrown this blog completely.)

2 comments to Socks?

  • Northmoon

    Sorry you’re sick. I hope Cinnamon is being a good sleeping buddy and keeping you warm.

    • Erika

      She is LOVING IT. I slept for 14 hours Saturday night, she was curled up under the covers next to me the whole time.