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    I’m so close to finishing Drops 103-1, I can practically taste it. I finished and set in the first sleeve last night. (I wanted to set it in before knitting the second sleeve, just to be sure I hadn’t made a mistake. This policy has saved me before.)


    Now here’s the thing. I was pretty anxious about how the sleeve cap was going to fit into the armscye.* At the last minute, I had to increase to add a bunch of stitches to the top of the arm. I was supposed to start the decreases with 64 stitches on the needle, but I ended up starting the decreases with 88 stitches on the needle.

    My first instinct was to do more increase rows. I think that’s fairly intuitive. But after pondering for a while, I decided that the answer in this scenario was to work fewer decrease rows. I think a sketch is the best explanation:


    In other words, every decrease row adds length, which increases the surface area, and thus the length of the seam on the sleeve. I’m sure there’s a mathematical formula to be found there, and it probably doesn’t increase length that fast.

    I bet some clever mathy person could figure out the sweet spot here. However, I am not that mathy person. I’m just glad I guessed correctly.


    Oh dear I have been remiss in my puppy picture duty. Here’s one from last month, which I meant to post, but completely forgot (see previous entry re: state of to-do list).


    Outtake. Mama is dubious about what the crazy monkey person is doing to her baby:


    I do these things for you, people. All for you.

    * Why is it that Firefox’s native spell-checker recognizes “armhole” but not “armscye”? One of those is a word, and one isn’t, and it’s not what Firefox thinks. Swing and a miss.

    7 comments to Sprinting

    • KellyS

      totally awesomesauce on the sweater and awwwwwwwwwwwww on teh pups, esp. with momma dog

    • Northmoon

      And we appreciate it so much that you give us puppy pictures. Love the one with Mama too. Beautiful dogs!

      Glad your sweater is coming together nicely. I’ve got problems with my last cardi – sleeves lengthened after blocking, and I put it together anyway. Now I’m pretty sure I should disassemble it and remove some rows. It looks crappy worn with the sleeves rolled up.

    • are you on ravelry? I can’t find you, but I’m not completely raveliterate.

    • two silver cats

      Mama’s all like, “What are you doing young man (or lady)? You are NOT leaving my house wearing THAT!”

    • Awwww! So cute! Please continue the crazy monkey person pix.

      Did you finish your list? I (poor pitiful me) do not have internet access at work. (hmm. Evidently this is just a plea for sympathy.)

    • daisy in the shenandoah valley

      And we people appreciate it.

    • Way to go! I’m glad you didn’t have math failure.

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