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Announcing a new video game spinoff blog

Hi everyone, I am super excited to announce my new video game spinoff blog, No Quarters Required. It’s basically Gameplay Sunday all week long.

For those of you who want MORE video game talk, you’re in luck! It’s over there. For those of you who want LESS video game talk, you are also in luck! Everyone wins. Pretty cool, right?

This blog will still be the home of all my knitting and personal posts. If you’re only interested in the personal stuff, don’t worry about following No Quarters Required. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the video game chit chat, then head on over and friend me, follow me, subscribe to me, LOVE ME. (I will love you back. I promise.)

No Quarters Required will also offer a safe, inclusive space for all. I have set up an extremely strict comments moderation policy to weed out the jerks, so that you don’t have to worry about being hassled by a bunch of trash-talking twelve year olds.

All of the old Sims Sunday posts are going to stay on this site, because I am too lazy to move them. However, from this point forward, Sims posts will be published on No Quarters Required. That won’t happen until The Sims 4 is released, though. I will say something here when I start writing Sims posts again, because I know some of you only care about the Sims stuff, not video game stuff as a whole.

However, I have moved over the more recent content (Skyrim and Mass Effect) to fill out the space.

I’m also not going to be making video game jokes in my regular Twitter account anymore. (I’m sure some of you will be relieved to hear it.) Instead, all video game-related Tweets are going to happen over at the No Quarters Required Twitter account.

I’m planning to go to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule here.

Thanks, everyone!

4 comments to Announcing a new video game spinoff blog

  • Win/win.

    (I’m looking forward to the new Sims post. Not so into the other games, but I do love the Sims craziness).

    My stupid brain read your Twitter post (uh, tweet, whatever) as “New Word Game Blog” for some reason and I really wanted to see what THAT was gonna be. Heh.

  • Because clearly you had too much spare time. You were probably just wasting it by sleeping a couple of hours a night…
    (Seriously, could you get any busier? Best of luck with the new venture!)