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    Ups and downs

    I should not have mocked the powers of the Silver Fish, because now I have a cold. (Only the greatest of effort prevents me from writing “I hab a code.”) It’s not a very bad cold, but it’s overstayed its welcome already. My plan for the rest of the day is to lie on the couch watching episodes of “Angel” on DVD and drinking tea made from fresh mint and ginger.

    But hey, on the up side, my finger has healed and I can knit again. Funny, it bothered me for so long, drove me absolutely crazy… then yesterday afternoon I suddenly realized that it felt perfectly normal.


    I decided to crank out a small Ninepatch dishcloth, just to work out any gauge issues that may have developed after two weeks of non-knitting.

    Brady is delighted at the return of autumn, which is accompanied by daily usage of the wood stove.

    Brady likes the stove

    This picture would be more effective in infrared.

    10 comments to Ups and downs

    • I am with Brady. Fall/Winter means I knit and cook and need sweaters. Much happier now.

      Also – I dare you to blog that you are DOING NANOWRIMO!


    • Are you doing nanowrimo?

      Brady looks warm. Hez is loving the cooler weather, if only because now she has an excuse to sit in my lap for hours.

      The nine patch looks good! the healing has commenced. Now to get rid of your cobe.

    • Katharine

      The cold/flu that is going around has kicked my butt for the better part of the last two weeks…so I think your plan for lying on the couch is a good one. I am knitting like it is fall with all the lovelies I brought home from the Taos Wool Festival but alas it is still very warm here. Glad your finger has healed :)

    • Jennifer

      Are you going to try the Silver Fish in the name of science? You know, to see if it’s the miracle cure for colds.

      Semi-Offtopic: Apparently Mother Earth News has an article on efficient wood stove heating here. Might be interesting to you and the cats? By now, of course, you’re probably expert at this. :)

    • Yay for knitting-capable fingers!

    • Erika

      Jennifer, the thing about Silver Fish is, I can’t get over the mental image of all that cold congealed chicken grease blobs floating around the top of the glass. What with the drink being over ice and all.

      I wish you had sent me that link…. oh say 2 years ago when I moved out here. 😉 Many hard lessons learned in there!

    • Aw…Brady looks so happy.

    • Wow, I didn’t realize Mother Earth News was still around. I never see them on newsstands anymore.

      Savor the return of the knitting.

    • brady looks quite content..our stalker kitty is not too happy with the cold. still indecisive as to stay in or out, lol, then there is the chilly rain!

      glad your healed!

    • Lisa E.

      Your cat is awesome.

      Do you have any tips for calming nervous cats? Mine has licked all of the fur from her belly and left leg and the vet says it’s nerves. Not that I expect you to be an expert on cats, but I am pretty much just asking anyone and everyone right now.

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