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Other days, everything goes well

Just taking a break from reading The Graveyard Book to do a bit of quick blogging. Any day that ends with reading a new Neil Gaiman book is a good day, if you ask me. I’m excited to read it all through, but sad that once I’ve read it, I can’t un-read it and read it again. You know how it goes.

Today the universe also saw fit to bestow upon me a perfect little gift: a question to which I had the answer ready. A woman at the post office – suddenly, and apropos of nothing – asked me, “Do you know when daylight savings time ends?”

I stood up a little straighter, and the sun broke through the clouds, and an angelic choir sang a chord, and I said, “Yes I do. November 2nd.”

Seriously, did someone pay her to ask me that? Because whoever it was, thank you! I felt so very smart and helpful. (I looked up the answer last week.)

6 comments to Other days, everything goes well

  • Is it really? Hallelujah. I’ve been wanting that hour back all month.

    Saving without an s because we cannot actually control the amount of sunlight the earth receives, no matter what those boneheads in office think.

  • Katharine

    Well thanks! We have wondering when the damn thing was going to end all week :)

  • Yes, I will also be glad when DST goes away. I do not mind driving home from work in the dark NEARLY as much as I mind going out to to work in the dark.

    Seriously, 6:45 am feels like the armpit of night right now. It’s miserable.

  • I’m reading “The Graveyard Book” too. Had to request it through inter-library loan, since my library doesn’t keep up with that there fiction-type stuff…
    And, yeah, I thought I was the only one who wanted to read again for the “first time” – you made me feel better.

    I have a request out for “Anathem,” but no luck so far. Anticipation is probably good for the soul, or something, right?

  • Brandi

    Oh, The Graveyard Book! I was fortunate enough to see him on his stop of the tour and listen to his dulcet tones read us the first chapter. ^_^
    Mr. Gaiman has all the videos of his tour, reading the ENTIRE book (!!), up at his younger audience website, Mouse Circus:
    Definitely worth a look!

  • Northmoon

    Isn’t it wonderful when you get an opportunity to look all competent and wise? (I’d say “knowledgable”, but I’m not sure I can spell it right)