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    An update, for those of you following along at home

    Last week I was stunned, truly stunned, to discover that I had finally run out of tampons.

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    • Teresa

      I still maintain, it is better to have 60 on the shelf, than to run out.
      That goes for tampons, toilet paper, and kleenex.

    • For real? I buy pads in bulk, but tampons I have to get at the grocery store because my bulk store doesn’t carry my tampons. But running out? For shame. I keep individual tampons in strange places (like my car, my junk drawer, my desk drawer, every bag I’ve ever taken out of the house ever…you get the idea).

    • So apparently a seemingly endless supply of tampons is in reality a 1-1/2 year’s supply. Who knew?

    • I was thinking exactly what kmkat wrote!

    • At my age, a 1.5 year supply might just be endless :)

    • Teresa

      Your supply lasted a year and a half? That’s awesome. Only problem is that at my age (almost 47) having an 18 month supply of tampons is really not practical.

    • Jen

      I noticed on your other post about tampons that someone made a comment about the Keeper/Diva cup. Imagine never having to buy another tampon ever again! (Great for your pocketbook and the environment…)

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