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A sad chicken day

One of the hens died today. Martha, the other Buff Orpington (blonde) one. She had been acting glum the last few days, and the other two had been picking on her mercilessly. It was bad enough that I had to separate her from them. Last night I put her in Cinnamon’s cat carrier and brought her inside for the night, so that they would not attack her in the coop.

Today after everyone was up I blocked off half the coop by virtue of closing the old door on the original chicken tractor. Dolly and Harriet spent the day in the big main area (formerly a dog kennel) and I put Martha inside the coop on some nice clean shavings by herself. When I checked on her this afternoon she was gone, quietly in her sleep in her favorite spot.

Martha was nearly five years old. Pretty old for a chicken, from what I can tell. She had a lovely thick fluffy coat of feathers, and some very nice feather pants even though she was the last to grow butt fluff as a chick.

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