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Chickens doing chicken stuff

The whole entire world is literally made of dirt, but here’s these three dummies squabbling over the one spot to have a dust bath.

chicken blog

Every year around this time, people start asking if I plan to get more chicks. Since my current chickens are going to be five years old in a few months, and barely lay eggs for about four months out of the year.

Three problems: first, I would need to build a bigger coop. I know this sounds terrible, I’m waiting for one of the older chickens to die. The coop will fit four chickens snugly, but you can’t raise just a single chick on its own. So if one hen dies, I can get two chicks, and we’re good.

But then you have problem #2, which is that I work from home, and it’s a small home, and raising chicks means subjecting myself to 24/7 peeping for about four weeks.

When I had the chicks before, at one point I left to go to the grocery store, and on the drive there I realized that I could still hear them inside my head. It was horrifying.

And finally, I would need to build a Cinnamon-proof brood box for the chicks. She is very interested in killing things, where the old boys were content to just sprawl nearby and stare.

So no… probably not going to happen this year.

Up side of playing video games as a hobby: minimal shopping. I don’t have to drive to the Skyrim store this weekend to buy more Skyrim so that I can finish playing Skyrim.

Down side of playing video games as a hobby: no one is impressed when they learn that you play video games.

2 comments to Chickens doing chicken stuff

  • I totally hear you on having the chicks in the house. There’s the noise, and then there’s the dust! It’s overwhelming.

    Do any of the hens ever go broody? We’ve had good luck with giving a broody hen some day-old chicks — she raises them up for you and you don’t have to do any work. She will also protect them from the other hens and probably/possibly from the cat. You could get her more than the 1-2 you have room to keep, and sell ‘em as pullets.

    ALSO it’s really, really cute.

    • Erika

      That’s a pretty great idea! Although sadly, the two hens who are left are the least broody of the bunch. I am sure they would eat the chicks, not raise them.