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    Life Without Knitting: Cooking Experiments

    To sum up: it sucks. The cut is fairly well healed, but it lies right where the yarn goes across my finger. Also, if I work my finger in a knitting-type motion, it aches and then swells up and aches some more for several hours, and a bruise appears on the side of the nearest knuckle. I don’t know what that means, except that I can’t knit yet.

    One way I’ve been spending the time when I would usually knit is to cook stuff. So far I’ve cooked delicious pork chops and delicious stuffed squash. Tonight I’m going to try a swiss chard casserole thing. Later this week: homemade pot pies.

    Here’s how absurd my projects have become. Typically, the cats receive a small dollop of canned food every night, along with their usual ration of kibble.

    Ran out of canned cat food. Wrote “canned cat food” on grocery list. Stared at entry thoughtfully for several minutes, then scratched it out.

    Cat Moosh

    Note: This is intended as supplemental food only. Real cat food has important vitamins like taurine and stuff.


    1 boneless chicken thigh
    1 c water
    1 egg
    Splash of fish sauce for flava (optional)
    Handful of kibble (as needed)


    Simmer chicken thigh in water on stovetop for about an hour, or until the thigh can be mushed up with a fork. (Or forget about it for an undetermined length of time, until you suddenly wonder what that weird “boiling meat” smell is.) Crack egg into pan, and simmer for several more minutes until egg is cooked. Add fish sauce. Toss in kibble as needed to soak up extra liquid.

    Smirk at having just created a nutritious meal for half (half!) the cost of commercial canned cat food. Rejoice at saving up to two dollars per week. Put phrase “crazy cat lady” out of mind. Store uneaten moosh in refrigerator.

    7 comments to Life Without Knitting: Cooking Experiments

    • Judy

      Not crazy at all…I have baked dog treats in my freezer and refridgerator. They are much like cookies to bake and the dogs do like them. They don’t love them like pigs ears, but I know the treats have no melamie or other nasty stuff. There are recipes out there for all kinds of treats.

      And saving money is truly American.
      Love your blog!

    • Northmoon

      You’re not a crazy cat lady from my perspective, since I have six cats at the moment (down from nine!!) My boy kitten has trained me to give them a bit of cream when I have a coffee. He knows the sounds or smells when the coffee is ready, and is at my feet squaking when I open the fridge. Which brings the other three who love cream. I give them a half teaspoon or so each, since there is a theory that milk isn’t good for cats.

      Re the finger – have you considered changing your knitting method? I switched to European style knitting a few years ago and now I like it better than the way I first learned.

      At least it sounds like you (and the cats) are eating well!

    • Jennifer

      love those tags :)

    • Sara

      Y’know, those “energy drinks” have taurine in ’em. I’ll bet the kitties would LOVE a splash of Red B*ll in their moosh.

      Just sayin’.

    • I suspect that I’m a bad enough cook that even the cats would turn their noses up at my meals…though Tyberius has been known to eat frozen peas, and Isadora likes to lick the futon frame. Hmm….

    • None of my cats have eaten my cooking either. Well, Hezekiah does love my spinach souffle, but I don’t think it’s a good meal, even supplementally.

    • Another Erika

      I wish I could get my cat to stop trying to eat my cooking. I’ve never before seen a cat so obsessed with people food.

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