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Sneak attack scarf

I have to admit, I feel a little bit bad about posting this picture when so much of the United States is gripped in the polar vortex. But here in the Pacific Northwest it’s 50 degrees out. The yard features green grass and liquid water. (Maybe too much of the latter – it’s pretty sloppy out there – but who can complain.)

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I started this scarf a few weeks ago, and never got around to blogging about it, and here it is, completely finished.

This is a basic garter stitch scarf with purple and white stripes. I know the purple stripes look blue in this picture, but that’s because cameras hate purple. (Although not as much as they hate red.)

Here’s hoping you all thaw out soon. And if not, feel free to move here! Rain sucks sometimes, but you never have to shovel it.

6 comments to Sneak attack scarf

  • Slager

    The Polar Vortex is at least over where I am, now… it was a balmy 20 degrees on my way back home today. Yessss!

    Garter stitch is nice and relaxing.

  • KellyS

    I like both the mud and the scarf. It does look purple for me!

  • KateMet

    I like to think that this is the winter that kids will remember when they grow up. They’ll tell stories about how the winters aren’t as bad as when they were kids, when they had four extra days of Christmas break, and the snow piles were THIS high! That they had to walk to the SUV in Ugg boots, uphill both ways.

  • Our weather has been yo-yoing between 30 below and 30 above. (Usually within a 24-hour period.) And every time it warms up, it rains, which then freezes as the temps go down again. Our whole world is now ice-covered snow crust and damn slippery…

  • Oh, and love the scarf. (You got me started on weather. Everything else falls out of my brain.)

  • Judy

    Dig it a little deeper and line it with rocks. You’ll have a great lilly pond! And the scarf is great too.