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One last project for 2013

I finished Miri just under the wire for 2013.

At some point last week I realized that if I could bring myself to unearth and finish it, I could enter 2014 without any unfinished projects lurking around. That thought was enough to keep me moving.


I still love this pattern, although I am completely over this particular project. Sick of it, to tell you the truth, through no fault of its own.

If I was going to make another one, I would use a DK-weight yarn (instead of sock weight), cut out a few repeats to make it less huge, and choose colors that I like together. This combo is strangely Egyptian.


But hey, it’s done! Happy new year!

Since I live in an area without any fireworks restrictions, I will be woken up at midnight whether I like it or not.

10 comments to One last project for 2013

  • Jennifer Hahn

    Happy New Year, Erika!

  • Lisa Eaton

    Happy new year!

  • gabes

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Franz

    I just heard a professional-sounding fireworks show at 9:00. Was somebody confused? Did they do it early for the kids?

  • Fireworks are illegal here, too, but that did not stop the midnight rampage of fireworks, gunfire, and random explosions at midnight. Yay, ghetto living! Happy New Year!

  • HNT2U! Hope you got a decent night’s sleep in spite of the unauthorized fireworks. I didn’t hear any here (unlike the Fourth, when there are mysterious bangs for a week before and after).

  • Erika

    I don’t think I phrased that right… I mean that in my area, there are no laws against fireworks of any kind. Want to set off multiple M80s? Professional-quality airbursts? Go nuts!

  • Ginny

    Happy New Year! I’m impressed that you have no unfinished works. If I started now, I might be done by 2020.

    As for fireworks, I had one clingy old dog, one curiously alert new cat and one blissfully asleep little cat for the early, middle and late fireworks show. We have had rain so we might not be lighting up our own light show at the end of the driveway this year. Nothing loud, just sparkly.

  • Happy happy!
    We probably had some sort of noise going on here, but I was fast asleep and missed it…

  • Melissa

    Looks like a Hannukah shawl to me :P A very nice one. But for Hannukah, not so much Egyptian.