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Winter doldrums: I has dem. Can churning out mitts by the pound be the cure? Let’s find out.

Completed: The pair in that weird shade of dark olive brown Patons Classic Wool Merino. This yarn had been in my stash since ??? I do not remember buying it. I’m guessing it was one of . . . → Read More: Mitt-Tastic

Oh, Winter

Winter brings a lot of challenges to those of us living in northern latitudes. But for bloggers, winter brings the particular challenge of managing to take your pictures during the few short hours of available daylight. This is no small problem: flash photography makes things look very sad.

This has been a challenging week . . . → Read More: Oh, Winter

Sims Sunday: Daybekims!

To begin the week, Walnut came down with a case of fleas. Luckily I managed to get him a flea bath before he spread them to the rest of the family.

sims sunday

(With much regret, I adopted Bellaboosh out to another family in town. The house was getting way too crowded.)

That night, Miles was outside stargazing in the snow, when suddenly a sort of wibbly-wobbly thing appeared in the sky above him. Continue reading…

Sims Sunday: Postponed

Sorry, I ran out of time this week. Sims Sunday will be posted on Monday instead.