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Goodbye, 2012!

Like most years, 2012 was a mixed bag for me. I worked harder in 2012 than I ever have in my entire life. This had some obviously good effects. I also tried a lot of new things, which meant some successes, but it also meant some failures.

“If you’re not failing, you’re not trying” . . . → Read More: Goodbye, 2012!

Last Sims Sunday of 2012

The length of this week’s gameplay sessions was determined by the game crashing. Ever since installing Seasons, I can usually only play it for about an hour before it locks up and crashes to the desktop. Sigh. It’s certainly taught me to be diligent about saving.

sims sunday

I don’t know what they’re up to in this shot, but I love it! Continue reading…

Oh Hello, Blog!

It’s been so long since I blogged anything that WordPress logged me out. That’s embarrassing.

I don’t actually have anything to report, except that I have been super busy. Mostly I just wanted to blog because if I go this long between posts, people start worrying that I might be dead. But I . . . → Read More: Oh Hello, Blog!

Sketch Wednesday: Boxer Boxing in a Box for Boxing Day

Pretty sure this is how that works.