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Sketch Wednesday (Belated): Success!

I finally got all the right little pieces in the right order. (The final piece was figuring out how to tell my scanner to scan at 300 dpi.) It’s not perfect, but the day I look at something I made and think “There is nothing about this that I could do better” is the . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday (Belated): Success!

The “Hipster Lit” Reading List

I laughed when I read the Hipster Lit Flowchart from Goodreads. “Hipster” is one of those words you only ever use to describe someone else. But if the shoe fits, you know?

So it’s true, I read Hipster Lit. I didn’t even know that was a thing until this morning. But any reading list . . . → Read More: The “Hipster Lit” Reading List

Possibly the Final Pupdate

The little ‘uns are not so little anymore. At 7.5 weeks they range from 16 to 18 pounds. On Wednesday they will be heading down to Seattle to visit a canine cardiac specialist in order to get their final cardiac clearances. And from there, they will be heading to their new homes.

I . . . → Read More: Possibly the Final Pupdate

Holiday Knitting

If the holidays are frantic in so many other ways, at least I usually manage to get some knitting time in. I have very nearly finished the back of the Plain Brown Sweater.

It really is brown, although I understand it doesn’t appear that way on most monitors (my own included).

As for . . . → Read More: Holiday Knitting