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Vancouver Fog Mitts: Post Mortem

I had to rip the Vancouver Fog mitts back a surprising amount, given how small a project it is. A good portion of that ripping back was due to my own inattention.

(If you look at the picture in the last post about these mitts, you can see my final error: I forgot . . . → Read More: Vancouver Fog Mitts: Post Mortem

Donate Yarn to Harlem School Kids

EDIT: so the timing on this post was not the greatest. I scheduled it three days ago and forgot about it until it popped up in my feed. Along with tweets about, for example, hospital staff evacuating a NICU down dark stairwells because the hospital generator failed.

Let’s give this at least a few . . . → Read More: Donate Yarn to Harlem School Kids

Sims Sunday: Difficult Times

I am finding Kirby to be a surprisingly “difficult” Sim. Even though she lacks any of the traits that you would typically associate with it, like Evil or Rebellious. Nevertheless, it seems like in any given situation, she always wants to do the wrong thing.

For example, as a werewolf she constantly has the urge to “Scratch Furniture.”

sims sunday

(At least I limit her to scratching the outdoor couch.) Continue reading…

Like Me! Like Meeeeeee!

If you are a Facebook fanatic, this blog has established a beachhead there. Like my page to receive notifications of new blog posts, plus my other tweets and TwitPics.

For non-Facebook-fanatics, don’t worry: there won’t be any content on Facebook that you wouldn’t find either here or on my Twitter stream. Don’t feel like . . . → Read More: Like Me! Like Meeeeeee!