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The Cinna-Cave

As you can see, I gave up ever having my own access to this storage box. And laid down a fuzzy thermal pad, so that Cinnamon would be cozy in her lair.

Except that it is a constant hassle, having to straighten it out. In order to enter the Cinna-cave, she has to leap . . . → Read More: The Cinna-Cave

Sketch Wednesday: Three Cows

There is a lot of dairy action here in Skagit Valley. I love driving past fields of cows and seeing them hanging out in the broad green pastures, just doing cow stuff.

Speaking Of The Front Porch…

You may be wondering how the “Hen & Chicks situation” is going. If you will recall, last summer I was given a big bowl of Hen & Chicks plant. Noticing that it seemed a little overcrowded, I dumped them all out and repotted them.

That was my mistake.

Despite having given away tons of . . . → Read More: Speaking Of The Front Porch…

The Afghan Slog Continues

I’m just kidding, really. I was genuinely surprised when I checked Ravelry earlier today and discovered that I started this afghan way back on July 4. It honestly doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

Let’s see. We have #33, a rectangle in Beige.

#34, a rectangle in Silver Gray.

#35, a small . . . → Read More: The Afghan Slog Continues