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Geocaching Adventures

I have been wanting to try geocaching for ages now, but I lacked a GPS device. Until earlier this month, when I received one as a birthday gift, hooray!

I have been trying it out here and there when I get a bit of free time (summers are always very busy out here . . . → Read More: Geocaching Adventures

Sims Sunday: Unexpected Results

As this week dawned, Irene and Hart were fighting like mad. Every conversation turned into a squabble. If left to their own devices, they would seek each other out and pick a fight.

sims sunday

Iris grew up into an ugly toddler. Continue reading…

Poor Prospects For The Fair

This year’s Premium Book was just released, and I am disheartened. The Premium Book is what lists all the categories of county fair competition, the prizes, the submission information and rules – all the technical stuff.

Here’s how it works when you submit something for competition, be it a knit scarf or a baked . . . → Read More: Poor Prospects For The Fair

Sketch Wednesday: Two Sheeps

I sketched this from a picture Gayle posted on her blog of two of her sheeps, Orion and Merlin. I just couldn’t resist their sweet little muzzles.

(I checked with her before posting this. I was pretty sure she would be okay with it, but it seemed like it would be unsettling to visit . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Two Sheeps