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Another Sheep

I seem to be finishing about one of these afghan squares per week.

At this rate, I should be finished by 2015 or so.

(2016 at the latest!)

More Yarn!

I’m finally getting reasonably happy with the yarn I have been spinning up on the drop spindle. One key change was that I let the singles rest before plying them up. I’m pretty sure that part of the weird texture of the World’s Worst Scarf was due to plying everything up right away.

. . . → Read More: More Yarn!

Do I Look “Suspicious” To You?

If I strolled through a suburban neighborhood at 7PM on a Sunday night, do you think I would get shot by a “self-appointed neighborhood watch captain”?


How about now?

If I DID get shot by a man who pursued me after 911 told him not to, do you think the cops would take . . . → Read More: Do I Look “Suspicious” To You?

Sims Sunday: Bad Parties

Along with resetting all of your video recording and graphics display options, each Sims 3 expansion pack introduces a new “life state.” This time, it’s genies!

sims sunday

I didn’t have the patience to try and get a Dusty Old Lamp through chance. I just had Coreopsis buy one with all of her Lifetime Happiness points.

sims sunday

“WHAT.” Continue reading…