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A Ply-Tastrophe!

Last week I bought a second (identical) drop spindle from BJS Fiber Creations. It came packed in a bunch of random fiber, which probably wasn’t meant to be spun up, but I figured “What the heck, it’s good practice.”

There were three colors: ice blue, purple, and a reddish-orange. “I will make my own . . . → Read More: A Ply-Tastrophe!

State of the (Cat) Union

Kimble and Cinnamon haven’t cuddled yet, which I find understandable, yet disappointing. I keep threatening to mash them together while howling “CUDDLE! CUDDLE NOW!”

Cinnamon’s first full night here was January 15, so it’s been just a little bit over a month. On the whole, they have managed to broker a detente, if not . . . → Read More: State of the (Cat) Union

The Afghan Selection Process

I decided it was time to tackle knitting an afghan. After thinking about it for a while, I chose the characteristics I wanted:

1. Comprised of discrete chunks, ideally 10-12″ squares.

2. Each square different enough to keep me interested, but not so challenging that I would have to watch a chart. This . . . → Read More: The Afghan Selection Process

Sims Sunday: Canceled

Sorry, everyone – I have a case of the “pre-expansion-pack-release doldrums.” The Showtime expansion pack drops on March 6th, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Speaking of which, Showtime will introduce a social component (i.e. you need in-game friends). If anyone else is planning on getting it, let’s be Showtime friends!