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    State of the Yarn Stash 2011

    On Monday I mentioned the yarn stash, and how next year I’d like to do nothing but knit from stash or buy yarn from small-time producers.

    And everyone was like, “Didn’t you say that last January? How did that go, by the way?”

    I keep this ridiculously complicated and intricate Excel workbook to . . . → Read More: State of the Yarn Stash 2011

    Another Reason Why I’m A Fan Of The Sims Games

    “If a girl wants to see herself represented in video games, she better get used to the idea of being the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.” – Nerds And Male Privilege


    Random Monday

    Oh man, I’m so tired and hungry, but it’s going to be another 20 minutes before dinner is ready. That’s a good time to sit down and write a blog post, right? Pfft, coherence is overrated.

    * I was winning the “chicken sleeping situation” battle, until tonight. Tonight, Dolly managed to work her way . . . → Read More: Random Monday

    Sims Sunday: Babies!

    A scandalous lack of playing time this week, due to the holiday. And I didn’t even think to give my Sims a Thanksgiving by having them roast a turkey!

    Here’s a shot of Denise’s eye color.

    sims sunday

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    My Socky Wocks

    It’s pretty great for sock knitting when someone else does the driving. I was able to knit all the way up to the beginning of the heel gussets.

    Still questioning the wisdom of this colorway. It features bands of lemon yellow, green and white faux jacquard, burnt orange, Windex turquoise, military camo, and magenta. . . . → Read More: My Socky Wocks