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Sims Sunday: Jumping Doom

It’s a good thing that Sims in this game are better at taking care of themselves than they were in Sims 2. Otherwise I’m sure I would have had a death by now, because I completely neglected my people Sims in favor of the horsie Sims this week.

Before we begin, my nomination for the Worst Townie Outfit:

sims sunday

And on a vampire, too! You would think the immortal would know better than to wear a sweater like… that. Even Bacon seems to be taken aback. Continue reading…

Two Things I Don’t Understand

1. Changing Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

Every year when we set our clocks back or forward for Daylight Saving Time, they always tell you to replace your smoke alarm batteries.


When the batteries in my smoke alarm die, my smoke alarm lets me know by making an unbearably annoying noise. Usually . . . → Read More: Two Things I Don’t Understand

The Two-Stripe Sock

I like these two colors a lot better side-by-side than I did when they were striped together.

My joke is, it’s still a stripey sock – it’s just two really big stripes.

Two Random Notes

1. I recently switched the cats to Nutro MAX Cat kibble. (I like to change their food every six months or so.) Here is the string of thoughts that I had, the first time I opened the bag:

“That’s a weird kibble shape. Are those bells? No, wait, they are kitty faces. Cute! No, . . . → Read More: Two Random Notes