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Stripey Socks II: Complete

I have mixed feelings about this pair. I love the color combo, and I love the fatter, 4-round stripes. Not as fond of the K3P1 ribbing that I tried out, though.

I’m also a little vexed by the Koigu KPPM put-up. Once again, I had only just enough to finish knitting the socks (but . . . → Read More: Stripey Socks II: Complete


The older the puppies get, the harder they are to photograph. All my pictures turn out as puppy-shaped blurs.

I caught some video of their first outdoor scamper, held last weekend.

Look at ‘em go!

Da Pears

I can understand why so many Renaissance painters included pears in their paintings. They’re just so beautiful! So… painterly. (There’s a word that grates on my nerves.)

These are Orcas pears. It’s an oddball variety that was discovered on nearby Orcas* Island. This year’s crop is smaller than usual. I haven’t had one ripen . . . → Read More: Da Pears


Pareidolia is a great word, isn’t it? It describes our tendency to find meaning in noise, and faces in random collections of face-like shapes.

Here are some faces I notice as I go about my day.

The first one is unfortunately the worst photograph. But the illusion only seems to work with the specific . . . → Read More: Pareidolia