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    Stripey Socks II: Complete

    I have mixed feelings about this pair. I love the color combo, and I love the fatter, 4-round stripes. Not as fond of the K3P1 ribbing that I tried out, though.

    I’m also a little vexed by the Koigu KPPM put-up. Once again, I had only just enough to finish knitting the socks (but . . . → Read More: Stripey Socks II: Complete


    The older the puppies get, the harder they are to photograph. All my pictures turn out as puppy-shaped blurs.

    I caught some video of their first outdoor scamper, held last weekend.

    Look at ’em go!

    Da Pears

    I can understand why so many Renaissance painters included pears in their paintings. They’re just so beautiful! So… painterly. (There’s a word that grates on my nerves.)

    These are Orcas pears. It’s an oddball variety that was discovered on nearby Orcas* Island. This year’s crop is smaller than usual. I haven’t had one ripen . . . → Read More: Da Pears


    Pareidolia is a great word, isn’t it? It describes our tendency to find meaning in noise, and faces in random collections of face-like shapes.

    Here are some faces I notice as I go about my day.

    The first one is unfortunately the worst photograph. But the illusion only seems to work with the specific . . . → Read More: Pareidolia

    Sims Sunday: Adventure Time

    I held a dual birthday party for both Alec and Felicity. This also ensured a good supply of leftover birthday cake in the fridge for many meals to come. (No one in this group is very good at cooking.)

    sims sunday

    Alec spent one last night sleeping alone in his childhood bed. Continue reading…