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    Stripey Socks: Complete

    This is a terrible picture, but I’m too tired to try and take a better one. It will just have to do.

    To recap, these are socks knit toe-up with one strand of Araucania Ranco Solid (green) and Koigu KPPPM (blue). I finally mastered Judy’s Magic Cast On for these, which pleases me. (Both . . . → Read More: Stripey Socks: Complete

    Misc Notes

    It takes about this long for a dog to give birth to three puppies.

    Thirteen hours, more or less. I wasn’t knitting the whole time, obviously!

    The next day I spotted an owl out roaming around during the daytime. This isn’t too unusual. (And owls can’t get rabies, so no worries there.)

    Can you . . . → Read More: Misc Notes

    Sims Sunday: Problems At Home

    First of all, I would like to know how a Sim who works out so much can have a butt that big. Unfair!!!

    sims sunday

    That’s Quinn celebrating her birthday to “Mature Adult” with her husband Benny. But for some reason, there is no “Woo Hoo” or “Try For Baby” option. Instead, they make out for a while and then share secrets. Continue reading…

    Puppies IV: The Puppening

    As many of you know, my landlord/neighbor also raises Newfoundland dogs. And it’s time for another litter! (Past litters: 1, 2, 3.) Sorry for not having said anything earlier. This one is a first-time mom, and you never know – things can go really badly.

    But everything went swell!

    Here is mama dog . . . → Read More: Puppies IV: The Puppening

    Earthquake Weather

    Quite a day! I mean, not here, obviously. For once, the West Coast gets to sit back and watch everyone else cope with an earthquake.

    Post-earthquake television watching is often the best part of an earthquake. I always rush to turn on the local news stations. It’s great fun watching them interrupt their . . . → Read More: Earthquake Weather