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Sims Sunday: Gnomes Gone Wild

Mendy had a random wish to “visit the graveyard” in her final trimester. Morbid, but okey dokey.

sims sunday

Before she could explore the catacombs, she went into labor. Continue reading…

Street Fair, Day 1

The weather was beautiful, I’ll say that! And there are certainly worse ways to spend a day than sitting outside, knitting and chatting and making the occasional foray down the block for treats and espresso.

(I wasn’t feeling super great, but hey, enough Dayquil will take care of anything.)

Neither I nor my . . . → Read More: Street Fair, Day 1

Random Thought For The Day

Somehow, I doubt that Dr. Chill is a medical doctor.

I’m thinking Dr. Chill probably has a PhD in something like Comparative Religion or Contemporary Anthropology.

How To Confuse A Chicken

It’s not too hard to confuse a chicken. (After all, this is an animal with a brain the size of a lentil.) Just change something! Anything!

For example, I recently changed their ramp. From a now-mostly-rotten and utterly concave slab of particle board to a nice fresh and tidily straight length of cedar.

They . . . → Read More: How To Confuse A Chicken