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    Whoops, There Goes Thursday

    Today instead of blogging I took a nap on the couch for an hour with a kitty cat. He purred the entire time. I REGRET NOTHING.

    Two Blog Stuffs

    1. I joined the BlogHer Network’s Book Reviewer program a little while back. My first review is about to go live! For these reviews, I’ll be posting a link here to the review on the BlogHer network.

    2. I’ve been fiddling a bit with the main page. About half of you subscribe with . . . → Read More: Two Blog Stuffs

    What I’m Not Knitting

    Trekking XXL

    The county fair is coming up soon. I have picked my project (more Selbuvotter mittens: NHM #7) and obtained my yarn (emergency shipment from Two Swans Yarn).

    And… that’s where we are with that. Continue reading…

    More Felties

    Didn’t make as much progress this weekend as I would have liked. I felted the bits for the black-and-white kitty, but didn’t get him assembled. Found the bunny, though!

    I lost a substantial chunk of today. This has been a terrible allergy season, and I’ve been having to take Benadryl every night to get . . . → Read More: More Felties

    Sims Sunday: Passages

    This week began with the death of Grayson’s wife Francisca. There are only so many “slots” in the household, so Grayson will have to live out the rest of his immortal life alone.

    sims sunday

    I hate it when they beg. It’s just so pitiful. It makes me feel bad for being relieved that they’re finally leaving, because I’m usually pretty bored of them by the time they get old. Continue reading…