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    The Relentless CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP

    Working from home isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Recently a baby winter wren fledged right outside my window. Cute? Sure. But also, with the cheeping OH GOD THE CHEEPING. At a pitch that drills right into my brain. The remorseless, inescapable cheeping, from dawn (4AM) until dusk (9:30PM).

    I decided if I was . . . → Read More: The Relentless CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP

    Sims Sunday: Sparkle Food!

    It became a race against the clock. Would I fulfill all the terms of the Immortal Dynasty challenge before Khloe died of old age?

    And would we be able to grow some Life Fruit in time to make the immortality-granting Ambrosia?

    Khloe had to max out all the skill challenges for her . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Sparkle Food!

    Sims Sunday Postponed Until Monday

    It’s a holiday three-day weekend here in the States. As usual in these situations, I’m going to hold off on Sims Sunday until Monday. See you then!

    Fly Free, Little Turkey Hat!

    NO WAIT DON’T! Turkeys can’t flyyyyyy!

    At any rate, yesterday I dropped my Turkey Hat off at the Museum of Northwest Art store, where it will be displayed for sale in the month of June.

    This is for an event called Cash Cow Days, where artists’ themed work (cows and this year turkeys) . . . → Read More: Fly Free, Little Turkey Hat!

    The Yardage Answer

    I’m pretty sure I could have knit both mittens out of the amount of yarn that I had. It would have been a fun bit of stunt knitting. And imagine the suspense! Suspense is good for blogging.


    In order to determine this, I would have had to pick up all the stitches for . . . → Read More: The Yardage Answer