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Turkey Hat Time!

Oh what a week. I have a lot on my plate, and I find myself having to make a lot of tough decisions. Like the decision to put my Splines blog on indefinite hiatus. That one hurt, and it was a hard thing to do, even though I know it was the right choice . . . → Read More: Turkey Hat Time!

A Despicable Scarf

Update Click here for the free Despicable Me scarf pattern

(Big thanks to everyone who has ordered a copy of Channeltown Knitting #1! It really means a lot to me!)

Even though I’m under a deadline with the Turkey Hat, I find my hands keep returning to the Despicable Me scarf. The only . . . → Read More: A Despicable Scarf

Here Is A New Thing

This is a project I have been working on since last December. And it’s finally ready for the world!

What is it?

If it was all poetry, it would be called a chapbook. If it was all knitting patterns, it would be called a pattern booklet. It has a poem and a knitting pattern . . . → Read More: Here Is A New Thing

Sims Sunday: Another Big Move

Things weren’t going well in Bridgeport. For one thing, I was having a terrible time heaving Felicity up the star ladder. Although she was pretty thrilled when some random guy wanted to take her picture with his cell phone!

Bridgeport is experiencing a real scarcity of other celebrities. You gain celebrity points . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Another Big Move